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Server Colocation NYC helps take the work out of your searching. As an agent for up to 20 Server Colocation NYC providers we can quicktly locate the best New York Colocation Service Price Quotes, at special discounts, and promotional programs as well as other offering for over 30 different Colocation Hosting Providers throughout the USA.

Simple give us a call toll free at 866-288-8235 for your free Server Colocation NYC consultation. Server Colocation New York options are complex due to the nature of limited power and space in the New York City area but we have access to inside knowledge such as old contract rates, contract takeovers, unused right of reserve cabinet space regarding many Tel Co providers at Class A data centers around the city, that most consumers are unaware about. Information such as this can save you thousands of dollars and prevent you from making a mistake and choosing the wrong NY Colocation data center and IP transit carrier. Server Colocation New York City also is well informed on which carriers exist in which New York Tel Co Hotel and are experienced in Interconnectivity and any special routing needs for your network. If you have special bandwidth, fiber, or bandwidth needs Server Colocation NYC is here to assist you.

As an agent for various carriers it is in our best interest for us to carry your account through all phases of its lifecycle, from Signup, to Provisioning, to Installation turn ups, to continued support services. Server Colocation New York is commited to helping your account in times when account reps are turned over or when it is difficult to know the policies and procedures of new ISPs. Server Colocation New York City will make your operations run smoother, costs far lower, and you will experience far less time wasted and less headache overall trying to understand the complex and different policies of various data center buildings not limited to shipments, security, installations, buildouts, power requirements, special pricing, finance, and all the work that can accompany a colocation move in.

If you an out of state company are unfamiliar with the New York City Colocation market, we can provide valuable information and insight and consult you at no cost with your order!

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  • 24x7 Security Check-In and Surveillance
  • 24x7 Keycard or Escorted Access
  • Redundant UPS and Generator Backup
  • Unlimited Power Cycling / Reboots
  • Incrementally Capped Bandwidth
  • Burst 10M, 100M or 1000M bandwidth
  • Level 1 and Level 2 Remote Hands Option
  • Customizable Rack Space and Cage Space
  • Firewall Protection and Anti Spam Service
  • Free DNS and Mail Hosting with Webmail
  • Cross connect to up to 60 Telco Carriers
  • Point to Point and Ethernet Services
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Optional Services

If you are a smaller company without the technical staff, or you need to save time on a migration, move-in, or build out, Server Colocation NY also offers consulting services which may help you set up your network and move in faster. Server Colocation NYC offers assistance and remote hands services as well, which can greatly reduce your staffing costs. Some services Server Colocation New York offers are: racking/deracking, cable management, network planning and configuration, configuration of switches, firewalls and routers, server OS installations, VMWare installations, and other general network and system administration support. Best of all are our fees, services are performed at rates generally half the cost of the current market rates.

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